Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


The fact is business wear coded in formality is always associated with stiff, uncomfortable attire. We do want to feel cozy, wearing 'feel like home' clothing when we deal with challenging activities in the office.

We invite you to take a look at am.line - a new line that might be an answer for all dynamic business women out there. am.line is a hybrid of casual and classy business wear for modern business women, worn in comfort. It combines professionalism and comfort and completes your chic look.

Feel "at home" with this comfortable line in the office. We seek comfort in all the things we do, including the work. Clothes are one of the main things which affects the comfort factor.

Run thing

Run thing derives its inspiration from Mother Nature. This collection is for women who appreciates nature and cares for the environment. Its designs feature earthy colours and textures, creating an organic and chic look. Comfortable, contemporary, professional, and versatile, this line appeals to both Muslim and non-Muslim women alike.


Making a fashion statement using cultural infused apparel, neusa offers the designer's pieces made ready to wear that you don't want to miss. The brand offers modern chic designs with a touch of tradition.

neusa is derived from the word ''Nusa', or islands, representing Indonesia's archipelago. Inspired by our national heritage and cultural diversity, this collection incorporates motifs from traditional textiles and prints, updating them for the contemporary woman.


i.sha spells ai-sha, it is from Aisha's name, the greatest of women in Islamic history. Aisha women who are sprecial, inspiring, and smart. Collection from i.sha represents and innovation of culture and flowers. It presents print exploration with unique personality, ethnic, optimism, and positive energy in every form.